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He is Harry Mark Christopher Judd (as said by him in the Wonderland DVD).He is currently 22 and was born in Chelmsford, Essex on 23rd December 1985.Especially when you see them with their two beautiful children, Lola, 22 months, and two-month-old Kit.Whilst they both opened up about the strain that IVF put on their marriage in Izzy's book, Dare To Dream, Harry has revealed for the first time that it was touch and go on their relationship at that time.They also recently had their second child, Kit, who was born on 26 August and were amazingly, Harry and Izzy were able to conceive naturally. Harry Judd is the drummer for the british band Mc Fly.winner in a bathroom."We drove to the restaurant, but we hadn't even walked in before Lindsay started reeling off to me all the Hollywood A-listers she'd been with, before explaining that she preferred older men," he is quoted as saying in ."As we sat and ate, she told us all these stories - graphic stories about her sex life, enough to put us off our steaks."Later we met up with other members of the cast and crew at Club 360, a revolving penthouse venue overlooking the French Quarter.Under the staircase was a room, dimly lit with red lights.

They hold the record for being the youngest band to have a debut No 1 album in the UK.

He's often Dougie's choice of partner to attend a gig with, as they have the same taste in music.

Even though, Harry is straight and currently is with a girlfriend (of June 2008 this is written), he has somewhat a boy crush on fellow bandmate, Dougie Poynter.

Their hits include: 'Five Colours in Her Hair', 'All About You', 'Please, Please' and 'Shine a Light'. Dougie Poynter & Tom Fletcher (Author) Dougie Poynter loves reptiles, Tom Fletcher loves space, and they have a shared obsession with poop!

After writing songs together in the band Mc Busted, they wrote this book in the same way that they write their song lyrics.

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