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If anyone knows a quick and easy way to do the above with Tcl DOM please let me know.Steve Ball: (Updated) DOM Level 3 introduces an "import Node" method that solves this problem.Tcl DOM has partial pure-Tcl-coded XPath support (since 2001-09).Version 2.5 of Tcl DOM adds a couple of new example scripts that may be useful: Andreas Kupries provides a daily snapshot of the Source Forge CVS depot at .

Is there a tech document on how all the DOM structures work together internally, etc., as I may look into implementing import Node myself, but I'm lazy and don't want to spend hours of trawling the source :)Steve Ball: Hmmm... I'll put that on my to-do there is something called tcldompro - is this an obsolete package?

This has been implemented in Tcl DOM/tcl v3.0b2 (an implementation for Tcl DOM/libxml2 is on the TODO list).[CThatcher]: Additionally, there should at least be an option for parsing that allows us to control the underlying parser before parsing actually takes place. In *theory* we should be treating all whitespace as is, but in practice we need to be a little more brutal than that sometimes - and, let's face it, the trim function is diabolically slow.

Steve Ball: How about submitting an RFE to the Tcl XML Source Forge tracker?

Although such constraints can be checked at the application level, with ad hoc code, it is generally easier to maintain a separate file that describes the valid semantic contents of the file, that maintain specific code when the semantic changes.

It is also difficult not to forget special cases when doing the validating through a set of The Schema modules provides subprograms and types to parse an XML schema and validate an XML document with this schema.

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