Samsung software home theatre updating

Before updating the software in your player, remove any disc and USB device from the player.

Before updating the software in your player, turn the player off and then turn it back on.

Once you have PC connected to your TV, you now have a really large screen area to work with.

This is not only great for viewing your still photos and videos, but web browsing, document, photo, video creation and editing takes on a new perspective.

If you are considering using your TV as part of your PC gaming experience, check both your PC and prospective TV for this capability. Smear plenty of Methylated Spirit on the playing surface of a BLURAY disc and load it to play in the DVD player. Disc was rejected saying it either needed to be cleaned or it was the wrong region code (which it was not! The BLURAY lens needs to be cleaned, but it is not accessible even when you remove the player cover.To do this, check to see if your TV has a VGA (PC monitor) input connection, if not you also have the option to purchase a device, such as a VGA-to-HDMI converter or even a USB-to-HDMI that can also allow a PC to be connected to an HDTV.If your PC has a DVI output, you can use a DVI-to-HDMI adapter to connect your PC to the TV as well.

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Also, if routing your HDMI connections through your home theater receiver, and it detects an incoming Dolby Digital bitstream via HDMI (from services such as Netflix or Vudu, or if you play a DVD on your PC), it will decode the signal for a full surround sound listening experience.

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