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And on top of this it’s taking Super Chat — a service where viewers can pay to bump up their comments in the stream — out of beta.

Now, live video creators with over 1,000 subscribers in 20 countries can turn it on, and viewers from 40 can pay to promote their pearls of wisdom.

With the uptake in social sites, browser-based IM has brought chat to the places users are on the web. Location Based Chat Instant messaging programs connect people across the internet.

While broadcast TV has died a little in the age of on-demand content, it’s services like this, created on platforms the size of You Tube, that have a shot of resuscitating live video popularity for today’s consumers and creators. You Tube — like Facebook — has been playing with a lot of different formats for how best to monetize video — from autoplaying videos interspersed with ads to adding “midroll” ads during a single video” on its platform — and today marks a wider launch of another revenue-generating feature.

Instead, services like Facebook’s Live and Periscope (and the now-defunct Meerkat) were quicker to tap into the confluence of faster mobile networks, better devices, and willing audiences of viewers and creators that have a taste for improvised video, to create content that has set a standard for live, unscripted streams.

(It’s notable too that Facebook launched its Live product as a mobile app-first effort in 2015 (the same year that Periscope also emerged) and only turned on a web-originated version last month.) However, the significance of You Tube finally making a move to expand live vide streams on mobile is that it’s far and away the world’s biggest platform for online video today, with over 1 billion users (nearly one-third of all internet users) visiting at least once a day.

The opening up of You Tube mobile live streaming comes about six months after Google first turned on the feature for a select number of users (such as Lewis of Unbox Therapy and athlete-turned-You Tuber Ben Brown).

In a blog post, product managers Barbara Macdonald and Kurt Wilms write that the feature will soon be rolled out even more widely, beyond the 10,000 follower mark set today.

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