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They were amazed a boy of 18 had such a wide general knowledge. People recognised me for a while, but I don’t think my grandchildren realise they’ve got a famous grandad!

The show worked like noughts and crosses: we had a big board behind us, with an X or an O that lit up if we got the question right or wrong.

I got a 20-volume set of dictionaries, and I am embarrassed to admit I sold them on e Bay for £1,000. Then, I was invited to take part in the Champion Of Champions show.

My first husband was ill after a stroke, but he adored athletics and the £5,000 trip meant so much to us. Over the years, I’ve won more than £40,000 on game shows – really, it’s been a career in itself.

I conquered my nerves to win 11 out of 14 rounds and was through to the show.

That paid for a deposit on our first house, in Liverpool. Winning Sale Of The Century and then Going For Gold made me acelebrity in the Eighties.

I think I still hold the record for winning the mostquiz and game shows in the UK – at least 35 over almost three decades.

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Carol Vorderman was absolutely delightful – much friendlier than Richard Whiteley.

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