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A Good Match For: Fans of story-heavy sports games, people who like golf but want something less dry than your average PGA-licensed game. may be a story-centric game, but you still play a lot of golf. At its core, though, it's the same brilliant mix of fine-tuned gameplay, Nickelodeon slime and J-pop dazzle that made the original great.

You head in to town and stop by the general store to get seeds and chat up the cute boy you've had your eye on.

Marilyn Ramos was asleep in bed with her 3-year-old daughter, Kaelly Benitez, when the deadly mudslide came crashing through their Montecito rental home, carrying both to their deaths along with Kaelly's 10-year-old cousin.

Now it's time to figure out what games you want to play. Since the Switch came out, Nintendo has managed to maintain a solid ratio of good games on their system.

And if you want, you explore the mysterious mine, gather magical materials, and uncover the deeper secrets of the valley. It's beautiful looking, and has an excellent musical score. Each fight is an unpredictable scrum between team Mario and a bunch of chittering, idiot Rabbids, and the constantly escalating challenge will force you to think on your toes. Purchase From: Available digitally on the Nintendo e Shop. There may be no better metaphor for the bleakness of life.

It's a game with a seemingly endless amount to do, and it fits perfectly onto a handheld. Anyone looking for a relaxing but terrifyingly addictive game. Purchase From: Available digitally on the Nintendo e Shop. We were right there laughing along with the rest of the internet when we first saw those leaked promotional images of Ubisoft's annoying Rabbid mascots dressed up as iconic Mario characters. And its digestible, 5-10 minute battles and "just one more match! A Good Match For: Fans of sidescrollers, isn't as hard as some other similar games, but it does have some tricky challenges. One minute you're cruising along, on top of the world, and then… Just when you thought you had it in the bag, life throws a blue shell.

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