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Last year's ' AM' finally proved to be a commercial breakthrough for them in the U. But how much do you really know about these popular British indie rockers? Label: Domino Records Release date: Out Now (7th July 2009) Website: Arctic Monkeys Josh Homme's influence on Arctic Monkeys newest offering to the hordes and hordes of obsessed fans is instantly recognisable, O'Malleys distorted new bass tone leads listeners into a sinister new sound.CARLISLE, ENGLAND - MAY 14: Nick O' Malley, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders and Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys perform at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011 at Carlisle Airport on May 14, 2011 in London, England.(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images) Most groups warm up for a big American tour overseas, but the Arctic Monkeys, who play Summer Stage today, are working things out here.Caught in a maelstrom of money, sex, drugs, and violence, life as he knows it spins dangerously out of control.Born of tough enough portraits and beards on different faces.Jamie Robert Cook (born 8 July 1985) is the guitarist of the British indie rock band Arctic Monkeys.Originally a next door neighbour of fellow band member; frontman Alex Turner.

Some people are waiting to hear it, and some people are going to be like, ” "Teddy Picker" “We didn’t play this on the last album tour — we rested it.If she’s stayed this long, you can make out with her here.” "Brick by Brick" “Matt [Helders, drummer] sings this one off our new album, . ” "If You Were There, Beware" “Kind of a builder — at the very end it goes off, and the crowd just goes mad. It never seems to get dropped from the set list.” "Pretty Visitors" “Fast, loud, lots of drums: all the good stuff.We’re picking it back up again toward the end.” "She’s Thunderstorms" “We’d love to go out and be able to play twelve new songs, but that’s not really fair, so there are five new ones on here — this one opens the new album.If their debut defined a generation, this record shaped the band's future in a manner more mature, sexy and - just like the party depicted in the rowdy track 'This House Is a Circus' - berserk as f*ck.Lead guitarist of the English indie rock group the Arctic Monkeys alongside singer Alex Turner, drummer Matt Helders, and bassist Nick O'Malley.

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The minimalist genius of Jamie Cook's guitar gives the song an eerieness never before seen nor expected from the Sheffield foursome.

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